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It feels like I’ve been missing for the last 11 months.  I haven’t been able to update any of my personal life on my blog, which I miss so much.  So where have I been?  My wife Helen and I found out in January that we’ll be having our first child.  So begins the frantic planning.  I planned a beautiful baby shower for her in July, which took place at one of our dear friends restaurants, Max Fish in Glastonbury.  And if you’re planning to have an event, such as a baby shower, I strongly recommend them.  Not just because our dear friend is the owner, but the staff is simply amazing.  Caring, detailed and very attentive.  I only have a few detail photos below, but you get the idea.

About a month after the shower, another surprise.  Our son was born early.  He was expected September 25th, but he decided that he wanted to meet us sooner.  He was born August 18th.  A bit premature at 4lb 11oz, but very much a fighter and strong boy.  He stayed at the NICU in Hartford Hospital for over 2 weeks.  And thank you for the staff there that took such great care of Ethan and us.  I say us because as any new parents, we were nervous.  They offered so much training, advice and encouragement.  I don’t know how we would have done it all without them, so thank you to all at Hartford Hospital!  So Ethan is now about 3.5 months old and doing great!  Growing everyday and amazing us everyday.

I can’t even describe how it feels to have your own child.  It’s such a strong love that you can’t understand by hearing from others.  And that is why I’m thankful.  I’m thankful for so many things in my life.  Really though, it’s the basic things that I’m thankful for.  Family and friends that encourages us and gives us strength through our most difficult times.  And regardless of the time or distance that we are away from them, they are always there for us.  We are so grateful and thankful.  And to my wife, which I’m immensely thankful for.  You bring new meaning and breath into my life every single day.  You remind me never to give up and to never forget where we came from and to appreciate all that we have.  You’ve reminded me that in the end of things, love is really all we need.  And to my son Ethan, we feel so so blessed to have you in our lives.  I can’t even begin describing how much joy and purpose you’ve brought into my life.

I want to wish you all out there a Happy Thanksgiving.  Let’s be thankful for life, love and things that brings us happiness!  Cheers!



Kim and I go way way way back, back when our moms worked together in the 80′s!  I literally saw Kim grow up and now I just photographed her wedding.  Life is amazing!

You can view the entire event and order prints HERE.