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This past Sunday, Brian and Jackie became offically engaged! If you’re not familiar with the traditional Vietnamese engagement ceremony, then you’re in for a treat! This ceremony is important in Vietnamese traditions. It’s a time for both families to meet and have the blessings from the brides (Jackie’s) parents, giving the approval for their daughter to marry the groom (Brian). This is also when she officially gets to wear the engagement ring. Out of all of the Vietnamese engagement cermonies I’ve whitnessed, I would have to put this on the top of my list as the most emotional. Yes, Helen and I nearly lost it during the ceremony, we’ll admit that.


I must warn you there will be a lot of photos. I really wanted to highlight the complete event for those that have never seen it. Brian and Jackie, we’re so honored to be a part of your engagement ceremony, as well as your wedding next year!


Brian and his family waited outside to be brought into the house.

All of the offerings were brought into the house.
And presented.
After the introductions to both sides of the family, they finally brought Jackie out.

A quick prayer.

And presenting of the engagement ring.
When Jackie’s friend Clarie sang “Forever” accapella, everyone at that point lost it, including us. It was so touching!

Brian’s mom giving Jackie some shinny bling.  It’s part of the tradition that both parents offer a gift of jewlery.  I hope that’s right.  
Jackie’s very proud parents.
It was a great day and who wouldn’t love Jackie’s smile!

We did some quick portraits of course.

It was also Father’s day that day, which made the event even more special!

Jackie don’t hate me for posting these, but your smile and laughter is so great!

Cathy and David - What can I say Brian (K.), these are just plain gorgeous. It’s such a cool insight into another culture and the photos are as always astonishing. Lovin’ every one but the one of her taking pictures is awesome! :)


Vanessa - V3 Weddings + Events - BEAUTIFUL photos, so much emotion! Nice work, Brian! :)

Janice Garalde - Jackie,

Congratulations to the both of you. I’m so happy for you. =)



Amy and Jasmine - Wow Jackie- Those are BEAUTIFUL photos! They look like they are from a magazine- really great looking. You look very happy. Good Luck. Amy and Jasmine

jenberry - wow brian. i know how difficult it can be shooting in a house with lots of people. you (as usual) did an awesome job with the space and light. You are a technical wizard. I love the BG portraits outside. They are natural and really look like a beautiful fun couple.

Nicole - HOW WONDERFUL!!! I am so happy for you two.

Marycor Foster - BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL!!! Gorgeous pictures and ceremony. Again, Congratulations to both of you!

xoxoxo, Marycor

Phyllis Helton - Wow! These are fantastic pictures, Brian. I loved hearing about the Vietnamese engagement traditions and to be able to see them in action.

jenn yamauchi - Beautiful photos, Brian! You seem to really capture all the happiness and felt at the engagement. What a totally adorable and photogenic couple too! :)

Co Mai - That was a beautiful ceremony, everybody will remember it for the rest of their life, Jackie.
You make your father so happy.
Co Mai

barbara - LOOOOOVE these!! These are so beautiful!! I love tradition!

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